Air dry moisture content (2A1)

This method is required to adjust soil chemical results based on air-dry samples to an oven-dry (105oC)
basis. When the air-dry moisture content (M%) is known, the correction from air-dry
to oven-dry is as follows:


            Oven-dry result  =   [Air-dry result  x  (100+ M%)]/100


Exchangeable Bases - Ammonium Acetate (15D3)


Exchangeable bases - 1M ammonium acetate at pH 7.0.


This rapid method for exchangeable cations in non-saline acidic through to slightly alkaline soils has no pre-treatment for soluble salts. It should yield similar data to those of method 15A1, except it can overestimate exchangeable Ca in soils containing calcium carbonate.


Mehlich3 ICP (18F1)

Analysis of Mehlich 3 extract using inductively-coupled atomic emission spectroscopy (ICP-AES)


Extractable Phosphorus - Olsen (9C2)

This extractable P test on milled air-dry sample uses freshly prepared 0.5M sodium bicarbonate @ pH 8.5 as the extractant. The soil/extractant ratio of 1:20 and a relatively short extraction time of 30 min favours readily available forms of soil P, while suppressing the solubility of basic calcium phosphates often found in neutral and alkaline soils. Method 9C1 involves a manual, molybdenum-blue colorimetric finish with a preferred absorbance at 882 nm. Method 9C2a defines an equivalent automated molybdenum-blue continuous segmented flow analytical finish, while Method 9C2b codes an automated colour finish by flow injection analysis. No significant difference is expected in results due to the analytical finishes described. The methods specify reporting results as mg P/kg on an air-dry basis.


Microwave Digestion - closed system without HF, and final medium HNO3 and/or HCl. ICP-AES finish.



Microwave Digestion - closed system without HF, and final medium HNO3 and/or HCl. ICP-MS finish.



Finely divided dry sample.  Dumas combustion.