ASPAC operates a soil and plant tissue Inter-Laboratory Proficiency Programme (ILPP). The soil ILPP consists of 3 rounds with 4 soil samples in each round; the plant tissue ILPP consists of 3 rounds with 4 plant tissue samples in each round.

Samples are analysed by participating laboratories throughout Australasia, SE Asia, and the South Pacific. Participation is open to members and to non-members (programme fees are discounted for ASPAC Corporate Members.)

Members have found these programs to be of considerable use in their own laboratory quality assurance programs, and participation in the program is recommended by NATA for those laboratories involved with soil and plant nutrient testing.

At the conclusion of each program the data is collated and a confidential report is e-mailed to each participating laboratory. Data are either grouped by method for statistical analysis, or grouped with data from similar methods - as is most appropriate in each case.

Results and performance data are confidential to the participating laboratory. Results are reported using a confidential laboratory code known only to the laboratory, Global Proficiency Ltd (the company contracted to ASPAC to manage the progamme), and to the ASPAC Technical Advisory Group.

The ASPAC ILPPs are designed to enable valid comparisons between results from laboratories who use a range of methods, and who may aim to achieve different levels of performance in terms of detection limits, precision of measurement and repeatability. In each case, informed interpretation of the results is important to determine whether differences are significant, whether corrective action is necessary, and what corrective action is most appropriate.

Benefits To Your Laboratory

The ASPAC laboratory proficiency program

  • Assists in maintaining and increasing your current level of testing.
  • Aids in increasing your confidence in the existing methods and results.
  • Assists in implementing standard methods and validating new testing methods.
  • Provides a cost effective quality assurance program to members.
  • Can be used to indicate your current level of proficiency to existing and prospective clients.

As a participant you will receive

  • The prepared soil / plant tissue samples.
  • A confidential laboratory number for reporting your results.
  • Assistance with testing methodologies (if required) from State or Country Representatives.
  • A final bound report including a statistical analysis of the data for each program.
  • A certificate indicating participation in the program.

For more information about the SoilChek and PlantChek services operated by Global Proficiency Ltd. for ASPAC, click here .